Dublin streets unsafe

Time for change – Dublin

Today I decided I’d had enough of what is happening in our city. I need help from as many good people out there who are willing to demand change.
I have been working for a well known tourist operation in Dublin for the last four years. I have seen countless assaults, robberies and vandalism. Gangs of drunks, junkies and thugs roam our streets unchecked. I have called the police on many occasions and they respond when they can with very minimal impact. Most of the time they are dealing with the same people day in day out. I see them every day alcoholics, drug dealers, drug abusers many of which have their children with them. All of them need help and the state does nothing.
In the last two weeks I have had two big instances happen. A good friend of mine and a member of staff was attacked twice yesterday while trying to do his job. 5 thugs surrounded him and stated to push and punch him for no apparent reason. Right beside O’Connell bridge in the middle of our city centre. He no longer feels safe to continue working for our company. The police showed up 40mins later unaware of what the issue was that had been reported in detail.
The day before that I had to rescue a 34 year old woman from the river who jumped in to try and kill herself as she “just could not take the pain anymore” to look in her eyes and hear he story of being homeless in Dublin city broke my heart. To be kicked out of her hostel every morning to roam the streets with no safety and nowhere to call home is just not right.
If you feel like me, no longer safe in your own city and want it to change now. Stand up and be counted it’s up to us the Irish people to demand change now!

Nothing will change until we demand it!!!!